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oral__pleasure's Journal

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{{First of all, I should say that I hate and do NOT condone the use of extra underscores. I believe people should be original, and if their selected name is already chosen, think of another. However, I got the idea to have a site about food, and call it "Oral Pleasure", so I gave in just this once. ;)}}

Food?, you say. Why yes, of course! What else would I have meant by "oral pleasure"?

What other thing on this earth gives us all such pleasure orally, other than food?

So yes, this is a journal about food. About cooking, though chances are you won't see many recipes, per se. I didn't learn to cook through recipes, and I much prefer experimentation using the simple facts already known to me. Luckily cooking is more forgiving than baking. When baking I have to use recipes. So who knows, you may see a few.

I created this out of a desire to speak (write?) more about my passion for the culinary arts. But I realized that I didn't want to bore any friends of mine that might not be so inclined, or detract from my own personal journal. So I made this one, so that I might blather about breakfast, go on at length about lunch, give diatribes on dinner, and generally expound upon edibles. :D