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Wednesday, June 6th, 2007
4:35 pm - Salmon Success!
I finally got the food processor that used to be my mother's out of the car, where it sat for months after I retrieved it during our trip to Texas. I washed all the components and put it together, and used it to chop about 4 cloves of garlic and about a sixth of a large Vidalia onion together. Then I combined that mixture in a bowl with ginger powder, black pepper, and a wee bit of olive oil. This I smeared over two large salmon fillets.

The salmon still had skin on one side, so I placed them skin-side-down in a skillet to sear the bottoms and cook the flesh through a while. When they were done to the point where I would normally flip them over and sear the other side, I instead scooped them up and placed them on a baking sheet and put them in the oven to broil. When the garlic/onion stuff was browning lightly and the fish was mostly cooked, I pulled the pan out and glazed both fillets generously with storebought teriyaki glaze, mixed with more ginger.

Then I broiled the salmon just a wee bit longer until the glaze was properly glaze-y looking.

In another skillet, I had placed a small amount of the garlic/onion mixture in oil and added fresh long green beans. When they were done, I drizzled a small amount of the glaze on them and tossed.

It was all served with plain white steamed rice. (Damn being out of furikake!)

And it was good!

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4:21 pm - Culinary slacking.
Wow, my posts in this journal surpass sporadic. Now that we're trying to cook more, this should change. I hope?

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Saturday, August 12th, 2006
11:21 pm - Beef fajita outcome + Tomato Leek pasta
Worked out pretty well. I seared both steaks on both sides, then took them out before I added more EVOO to the pan and sauteed my peppers and onions. I let those cook while cutting the steaks. At times the grain was difficult to identify so we did end up with a few pieces that were somewhat chewy, but not too many.

I didn't post about this the other day when I made it, but I was hungry and we were somewhat low on groceries at the time. I was trying to figure out something fairly simple I could make for a snack/small meal, without using the meat I had planned for regular meals. Well, some weeks ago I had sauteed some leeks and put them with pasta, so I took that idea and expanded on it.

I had one stalk of leek as well as two small stems of green onions left, and both were starting to get dried out and generally reach the end of their usefulness. So I cut them both up finely and sauteed that in butter. I had no real garlic so I dusted them with garlic powder, as well as some other seasonings, and once they were done, I added a couple packets of that whipped margarine spread stuff. It's horribly bad for you, but I wasn't using much and I needed it to be buttery and watery at the same time, so I could actually form a thin sauce. I then tossed a chopped tomato into it, juice and all. The juice and the butter mixed to form the thin sauce I was wanting, and I let everything cook together for a while just until the tomatoes were tender but not mush. I think I had to add a bit more garlic, and a pinch of sugar to counteract the tomato's acid, and that was basically it. I was boiling my multigrain, American Heart Association-sanctioned spaghetti noodles in a pot, and combining the two formed a quick and tasty dish I was really surprised at. The flavour was really light and fresh.

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10:48 pm - Beef fajita preparation
I've had some round steak marinating in a concoction comprised of:

-some juice from my homemade salsa
-fresh lime juice
-black pepper
-"no salt" seasoning
-crushed garlic

It smelled like a garlic margarita, heehee. I'm about to cook it and see if it turns out fabulous.

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Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006
1:56 am - Pork roast, remixed.
This time I used apple butter and tequila for the outside coating. Rosemary, thyme, oil, etc as well of course.

I wish I had a grill. I'd like to marinate chicken in brandy and toss it on a flame. WOO!

And oh, I'm remixing my salsa as well. This batch has yellow bell pepper and I sauteed the garlic this time.

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Tuesday, August 1st, 2006
3:37 am - Fresh homemade salsa
I don't measure a thing while experimenting. I'm really not fond of recipes, I just eyeball things. Rachel Ray would be proud, but Alton Brown might have a fit of apoplexy. Anyway, I've made it twice, and the second time turned out better than the first, so I'll explain about how I did it the second time.

The first thing I did was crush about 3 cloves of garlic into a sealable plastic container, and drip in enough concentrated lime juice to cover them very well. I then let the garlic and lime sit in the fridge for probably a day or something like that.

This probably sounds weird, and I've no idea how anyone else would normally do it. But the first time I made it I just tossed the crushed garlic in, and in case you don't know-- fresh, raw garlic is not only pungently garlicky but it is sort of almost spicy, which can be overwhelming because it can be similar to an onion-ish spiciness, which is not so fab IMO or the O of those who would also be eating the salsa. :)

So, that being my regret about the first batch, I decided to make sure the garlic was "cooked", as cooking tempers the strange bite to it, leaving just the robust garlic flavour. Well, I didn't know if sauteeing/sweating the garlic and then putting it in salsa would make any sense either (though I'll probably try that next, just to see), so I decided to try it this way.

You may or may not know about "ceviche", but... well, nevermind. I'll let the folks who wrote this nice article explain it to you. No sense in me wasting typing energy when they did it so much better than I could have.

I had known a very wee bit about this already, but discovered it first hand months ago when attempting to make a brine. I think what I made was closer to the ceviche idea, as my chicken came out partially whitened already. But anyway, that's all beside the point. One could also wonder if the argument would apply anyway, since this article explains that the acid denatures proteins, and I'm not sure there are technically proteins in garlic. Where's Alton when you need him?

Anyway, so I soaked the garlic in the concentrated lime juice, in the sealed container in the fridge for about a day. Then!

I cut up a few tomatoes. These were actually from a garden too, but I'm sure if someone had enough money to get the hothouse vine tomatoes from the store, they'd be good enough. (The kind that have stickers that say "Colorado Greenhouse" and strange girls think the coincidence is funny enough to make them peel the sticker off and wear it on their clothing all day.) I cut some pieces sort of chunky and others very small to vary the texture and make sure some of the tomatoes broke down enough to actually make a sauce as opposed to chunks of things floating in juice.

I cut a very small amount off of a Vidalia onion. These are the only onions on this earth I would willingly eat raw in ANY quantity. Raw onions are normally beyond the nast. The small part I did use, I chopped up very finely also. For more nuances of flavour, I also used a small amount of green onion, both the white part and the green part.

Cilantro! I would never consider making salsa without plenty of cilantro. Well, unless I was making some fruity salsa, like peach mango or something. But I've got to figure out the basic idea before I can start playing around with tangents.

I put in a few jalapenos, because I like their flavour in general and a little bit of heat is pretty essential for any sort of salsa. I would put more if I liked it hotter, of course. I used the prepared kind and cut them very tiny as well so they'd distribute throughout the salsa and not make patches of heat sporadically.

And finally, just a wee bit of salt, a smidge of black pepper, and brown sugar to taste. I like brown because of its deeper flavour and slightly thickening behavior. (My impression at least.) I can't recall now whether I put in any "no salt seasoning" or not. It's a cheap blend of herbs and spices and powdered dehydrated vegetables. It has no monosodium glutamate in it though, I try to avoid herb/spice blends with that in them like the plague.

I let this all mix together and sit in the fridge for another day. It needs time to blend together it seems. All the different flavours have to get to know each other before they want to cohabit beautifully, hehe.

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Monday, December 19th, 2005
3:19 pm - Pork Roast & Sweet Potatoes
Last night I made pork roast. When I say I made "pork roast" though, I always mean a section of a pork tenderloin. Now, I'm not big-balling or anything :P-- I wait until Kroger has it on sale for $1.99 a pound, which is cheaper than a lot of normal meats these days. Then I get one and cut it into sections that make like five meals. John makes pork katsu out of part of it. I let him do all the frying because it really isn't my strong point, and the food is always spectacular when he fries it. Maybe it's a genetic trait, handed down from his mother, who makes the most fabulous fried food. I don't know!

Anyway, I normally rub my pork roasts with crushed garlic, fresh cracked pepper, thyme, cajun spice, and brown sugar. Sometimes a bit of mustard too. Well this time, I couldn't find my garlic press so I had to settle for dried (I know, I know) and I also kicked it up with liquid smoke and some Peach & Passionfruit fruit spread (which is AWESOME-- not like preserves at all, but just smooth and wonderful). I was NOT disappointed with the results.

To go with that some simple french-cut green beans with cracked pepper and butter, and also, sweet potatoes. I took a real sweet potato, not in a can, and sliced and cooked it on the stove with nutmeg, brown sugar, salt, a slight pinch of cinnamon, and a hint of pepper. Once soft and the water cooked off, I whipped them up in a large bowl with butter, more nutmeg, brown sugar, and a drizzle of half-n-half for creaminess. Then I baked them in a pan with marshmallows and pecans. Have to love side dishes that are more like desserts. ;)

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4:55 am - Recipes
I've just discovered the "My Recipe Box" option at the Food Network site. I think Alton Brown has a lot more than 50 recipes I want just by himself, so maybe one lonely, bored evening I can go through and make text files from them, but it's good to know that I can just semi-bookmark them for now. Apparently he did a show on sushi and a show on eggnog. Now why is it that I have seen shows I didn't care for more than once, and I've NEVER seen either of these? >:O

I'm hungry, and looking for images to use for userpics didn't help. I want to eat those beef tournedos...

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