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Pork Roast & Sweet Potatoes

Last night I made pork roast. When I say I made "pork roast" though, I always mean a section of a pork tenderloin. Now, I'm not big-balling or anything :P-- I wait until Kroger has it on sale for $1.99 a pound, which is cheaper than a lot of normal meats these days. Then I get one and cut it into sections that make like five meals. John makes pork katsu out of part of it. I let him do all the frying because it really isn't my strong point, and the food is always spectacular when he fries it. Maybe it's a genetic trait, handed down from his mother, who makes the most fabulous fried food. I don't know!

Anyway, I normally rub my pork roasts with crushed garlic, fresh cracked pepper, thyme, cajun spice, and brown sugar. Sometimes a bit of mustard too. Well this time, I couldn't find my garlic press so I had to settle for dried (I know, I know) and I also kicked it up with liquid smoke and some Peach & Passionfruit fruit spread (which is AWESOME-- not like preserves at all, but just smooth and wonderful). I was NOT disappointed with the results.

To go with that some simple french-cut green beans with cracked pepper and butter, and also, sweet potatoes. I took a real sweet potato, not in a can, and sliced and cooked it on the stove with nutmeg, brown sugar, salt, a slight pinch of cinnamon, and a hint of pepper. Once soft and the water cooked off, I whipped them up in a large bowl with butter, more nutmeg, brown sugar, and a drizzle of half-n-half for creaminess. Then I baked them in a pan with marshmallows and pecans. Have to love side dishes that are more like desserts. ;)
Tags: brown sugar, fresh cracked pepper, liquid smoke, peach & passionfruit, pork roast, sweet potatoes
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