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Salmon Success!

I finally got the food processor that used to be my mother's out of the car, where it sat for months after I retrieved it during our trip to Texas. I washed all the components and put it together, and used it to chop about 4 cloves of garlic and about a sixth of a large Vidalia onion together. Then I combined that mixture in a bowl with ginger powder, black pepper, and a wee bit of olive oil. This I smeared over two large salmon fillets.

The salmon still had skin on one side, so I placed them skin-side-down in a skillet to sear the bottoms and cook the flesh through a while. When they were done to the point where I would normally flip them over and sear the other side, I instead scooped them up and placed them on a baking sheet and put them in the oven to broil. When the garlic/onion stuff was browning lightly and the fish was mostly cooked, I pulled the pan out and glazed both fillets generously with storebought teriyaki glaze, mixed with more ginger.

Then I broiled the salmon just a wee bit longer until the glaze was properly glaze-y looking.

In another skillet, I had placed a small amount of the garlic/onion mixture in oil and added fresh long green beans. When they were done, I drizzled a small amount of the glaze on them and tossed.

It was all served with plain white steamed rice. (Damn being out of furikake!)

And it was good!
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